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Architect / Designer
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Real Estate Housing Projects
Class A Villa, Housing and Mass Housing Projects
Summer Home Projects
Summer Homes
Thermal Facilities
Smart Buildings
Malls and Business Centers, plazas, residences
Real Estate Land and Projects
Villa Residences
Wooden and Prefabricated Housing Projects
Companies Providing Engineering Services
Earthquake Resistant Private Houses
Finance Companies and Investors
Banks, Finance and Credit Institutions
Real Estate Marketing Organizations
Industrial Sites and Organized Industrial Zones
Land Offices
Wood and Steel Prefabricated Housing Manufacturers, Importers
Companies Providing Mass Housing Contracting Services

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Those who want to buy housing
Domestic and foreign investor organizations
Those who want to buy/rent a workplace
Sector Representatives
Buyers / Delegations
Individual Buyers
Real Estate Investment Experts, Consultants
Building and Housing Institutes/Associations
Related Associations and Non-Governmental Organizations
Civil and Consulting Engineers
Local Public Authorities
Construction Cost Experts
Planners / Consultants
Project Managers
Diplomats / International Managers
Non-Governmental Organizations
Real Estate Sector Employees and Managers
Architects: Individual Architects and Interior Architects
Engineering Companies: Engineer /
Construction / Urban Planning Specialists
Real Estate Contractors
Finance Institutes / Investment Companies /
Fund Management Companies
Real Estate Investment Partners
Economic Development Authorities/
Regional Development Groups
Furniture / Equipment Service Providers
Information / Software / Hardware / Service Providers
Maintenance / Repair / Restoration / Safety
Facility Management Companies
Product and Service Providers for Shopping Centers
Real Estate /Property Management Companies (Key Companies)
Property Brokers
Shopping Center Management Companies